Survey Subject: The Prevalence of Neurological Symptoms Across Medical Specialties

A survey of physician leaders was conducted by Neural Network Health’s co-founder.

The survey was conducted to assess how often patients asked these providers questions or how often patients expressed concerns about neurological symptoms or conditions to these providers.

The survey targeted a group of experienced physicians who had different medical specialties. The survey respondents included physicians practicing in the following specialities:

  • Acute care
  • Internal medicine
  • Hospital medicine
  • Surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Pulmonology
  • Obstetrics and gynecology

Data collected 12/2014


According to the survey, the top 3 neurological health care questions and concerns that patients voiced to their providers during health care encounters were:

  • Headaches (64.52%), which tied with Back and neck pain (64.52%)
  • Sleep Problems (58.06%)
  • Stroke (51.61%).
  • Alzheimer’s or Memory Loss (45.16%) tied with Neuropathy ( nerve pain and numbness) for 4th place regarding the most common neurological health care questions and concerns for the multi-specialty doctor study participants.


This study confirms that physicians across multiple specialities have patients who are concerned about and seek  guidance about neurological problems and symptoms.