Products and Services

Our Neurology Health Products

Our neuro care modules fall under our Neuro E-Health® ecosystem. We think of them as neurological care building blocks that fit where there are gaps in the neurological services.

  • They are suitable for tele-health and in-person care.
  • They can be used singularly or in total to improve neuroscience care quality and access.
  • They can be used to launch novel and innovative neuroscience service lines without having to acquire extra resources or health care personnel.
  • They are designed with the cost of neurological care delivery in mind.

Our modular health products include:

  • Neuro E-Consult ® Telehealth Consults: Structured, closed-loop communication follow-up encounters for patients who have been diagnosed with neurological problems or conditions.
  • Neuro E-Consult ® Collaborative Care Sessions: Structured, shared neuro-medical encounters for patients with the most common, chronic neurological conditions.
  • Neuro E-Consult ® Collaborative Training Sessions: Structured, team, case-based and immersive training sessions for residents, medical students and other allied health professionals.
  • Your Brain Doctor ® Information and Communication Platform: For women with neurological disorders across the lifespan.
  • Your Brain DoctoRx ®  Resource Platform: For women with neurological disorders in their specific transitions of care.
  • Neural Network NavigatoRx ® Resource Platform: For neurological patients at any stage of their transitions of care.

What's the ROI for our partners? We help our clients integrate neurological care across a spectrum of health care encounters.

As health care has transitioned, our products have transitioned with health care. Our modules allow for billable health care interactions which include:

  • Transitional Care Management
  • Coordination of Care
  • Complex Chronic Care Coordination
  • Specialty Consultation

Let us help you create a new clinic, a new service-line.  Use our tools to generate new customers and new revenue streams. Enhance and optimize  current hospital and clinical resources with our expertise.

Our Services

Our Products and their subsidiaries drive our services.

They are:

  • Neurological and neurobehavioral clinical consult services
  • Health care provider training services
  • Neuroscience service line development and consultation
  • Health enterprise risk management solutions for neurological patient care
  • Tele-neurology services

Our innovative neuro health communications strategies include:

  • Qualitative and quantitative research for neurological health care consumers
  • Patient and provider focus groups
  • Neuro population market segmentation
  • Online and face-to-face survey research
  • Neuromarketing solutions
  • Comparative effective research for neuro population groups.