Neuro E-Consult®


Neurologists are valued health care consultants for both primary and specialty care physicians. We are experts in health problems related to brain and nervous system disorders. We know the information that other physicians do not know.

Even though neurologists are often part of the health care team for patients, the health care needs of people with brain and nervous system disorders are often unmet.

Why are there unmet neurological care needs?

Unmet neurological care needs occur for many reasons, including:

  • Increasing constraints on time-strapped and burnt-out neurological providers
  • Lack of neurological experts to go around
  • Neurological care knowledge gaps among many non-neurologist physicians.

What are Neuro E-Consultations?

Neuro E-Consultations involve a specific kind of health care encounter that is designed to solve the unmet needs for people dealing with neurological problems. These are structured, episodic health care encounters designed for a purpose. Via telephone, audio and video sessions, our neurological experts use a specific, patented communication process with a focus on patient-centered health. The outcome of these encounters is  that subtle care needs are addressed, neurological risk is reduced and people who need help to manage their everyday lives with neurological problems know what to do.

What is the Neuro E-Consult Result?


Our services decrease the risk of death and life-time disability of people with neurological problems, so people can:

  • Work with the best physical function possible
  • Play with the most energy possible
  • Be socially engaged
  • Live the most healthy life.


Our services decrease the risk, cost-or-care, and provider burn-out for our health care provider partners. This result is:

  • Reduced medical errors related to neurological care
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with neurological care
  • Support for effective and streamlined communication between the provider and patients on the neurological care team.
  • Reduced costs of redundant and unnecessary medical visits.