About Us

We Work For Our Clients

For our clients we can multiply the potential of existing or scale existing neuroscience clinical services. We also create new customer services, particularly for medical specialties and health programs that frequently require neurology consultation for their own patients and customers. Our proven results equal enhanced quality of personalized care for health care consumers.

What's the outcome of our work? Satisfied health care partners including hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation and preventive programs that require accessible, low-cost resources at their fingertips. Our resources are designed to help decrease acute care visits, acute hospitalizations and long-term patient disability and support.

Just as important to us are our on the ground health providers, our colleagues and champions of neurological care that hope to improve outcomes for their own patients. We are dedicated to these health care professionals, much like ourselves who have provided heroic efforts to care for their patients during past and current times of crises.

Our services are designed to help lift some of the burden of care involved in managing patients with neurological problems when resources and time are very scarce. We provide many of the essential neurological care building blocks that will help health care providers access complimentary tools and resources to best care for their patients, particularly in our current pandemic health care landscape.

The Neural Network Health Innovations

We specialize in adopting our evidenced-based,  modular care pathways and tools to our client's immediate needs.  Our innovative neurological health care modules are applicable across populations. They can serve as  "service line building blocks" and they are designed with our proprietary algorithm.

The algorithm behind the model supports the immediate expansion of in-place neurological care. This is important when  neurological care resources are strained, neurological providers are limited and patients lack the necessary resources to optimize their health outcomes.

Further, our modular services can be adapted when neurological care processes or the needs of our-clients have changed.  Our health care system is designed as a "total neurological health care option." The result can be a stand-alone health care model and or a complimentary service line for our global, ever-growing population with neurological care needs.

Our system is patient-focused as well as partner-focused.  It can be deployed in the acute care setting,  post-acute settings  and in primary or specialty care clinic settings.  Our services are designed to specifically increase the return-on-investment regarding the complex,  intense care and often costly care transactions that are required to help patients and health care populations who are  impacted by neurological problems.



The Neuro E-Health® Plan

Our flagship service.

Made of essential care building blocks.

Based on a proprietary algorithm to optimize health .

Designed to enhance services lines and enable cost-containment for health care enterprises.

Proven to decrease physical and emotional and financial risk for health care consumers with neurological health problems.

Our Specialists Deliver

In person consultations
Telemedicine consultations
Collaborative consultations

How Value is Created

We deliver expert and concise health care management for individuals and groups. Our clinical care processes are founded on neuroscience clinical principles. The focus is simple: we know and use how the human brain and nervous systems works and interacts in both health and disease.

How Quality is Delivered

Patients and health care consumers get time-sensitive, tailored health information during each step within their existing health care encounters and healthcare transitions when they have a neurological problem and when they are at risk for a neurological problem.

How Risk is Managed

Navigation and communication for patients and their health care team are curated and personally delivered. Specific, evidenced-based nervous system plans for follow-up, neuro-medication management and foundational neuro-rehabilitation activities are integrated within our health services.

At Neural Network Health we create and deliver neurological health services for the future.