Neural Network Health, LLC

Where Neuroscience, Human Health and Information Technology Intersect

What we do

We create and deliver neurological health services for the future.

We employ a neuroscience-based network systems model that works because it's based on how the brain and nervous system works. Our health care solutions are eloquent because they incorporate the principles of:

  • Neural network deployment in health care
  • Lean six sigma
  • Total quality management for health care systems
  • Patient-centered health care.


We use neural networks as applied to health care. Our health care method enables us to provide customers, clients and patients with access to an advanced method of care for people who are impacted by neurological problems.

Our services modulate and improve health care outcomes at multiple junctures in the health care process and they do so over a cross-section of health care encounters.

Our specialists utilize health information technology to help our customers, clients and patients “learn” how to assess the impact of neurological health on health care processes. In turn, our processes constrain the downstream effects of health care gaps related to individuals and groups with neurological health conditions.

Our Purpose

We develop sustainable, forward-looking neuroscience care solutions that can be applied across health care settings including acute care, rehab settings and outpatient programs and services. Our healthcare solutions are built to support not only where neurological care is now, but where it will be in the future.

Our Mission

We will make neurological health care consumers and patients effective care partners with their existing health care team. We will enable health resource optimization for patients and providers. At the same time, we will increase the return-on-investment for health care enterprises and providers that serve patients with neurological health conditions.

Our Products

Our products are neurological care building blocks that fit where there are gaps in existing neurological services or they can be the core of new health provider and system neurological services.

Our Services

Our innovative health communications strategies focus on the broad health implications for patients with neurological problems as they support and guide the providers that care for these same patients.

Our Clients

Our clients are satisfied health care providers, engaged patients and informed partners who will benefit from our services over the continuum of neurological health care delivery and consumption for their patients and partners with neurological health care needs.