Case Study: Program and project management: Interdisciplinary pain management for wounded warriors.

Client: DoD Health System, National Capital Region


  1. Poor compliance of providers with DoD/VA pain management guidelines at an Air Force Hospital and it’s affiliate clinics
  2. Lack of collaborative health services for wounded warriors
  3. Poor customer (patient) satisfaction with pain management
  4. Opioid prescriptions under increased scrutiny by federal government
  5. Increasing wait time for wounded warrior and active duty soldier patients with neurological pain disorders.

Program Developed:

Clinical oversight and management was provided to deliver an integrated,  multi-disciplinary pain management program with a focus on meeting neurological care needs.

Business Results:

  • Pain management services were streamlined.
  • Duplicative services were eliminated.
  • The quality of pain management provision processes across departments and business units was optimized.

Cost savings equivalent to 128,000 dollars per quarter in equivalent private health care costs achieved across neurology, internal medicine, physical therapy and pharmacy departments.