The Neuro E-Health® Ecosystem

Neuro E-Health®

This is Neural Network Health's  consumer-facing, collaborative tele-health ecosystem.

It's not just for people diagnosed with neurological disease.  It is designed for patients and providers who serve the neuro-medicine patient It is  also designed to seamlessly insert preventive neurological care in any health care encounter to help providers or patients dealing with nervous symptom symptoms.

In this way, our neurological services can help to prevent neurological disease and disability in patient populations such as diabetics, and expectant mothers,  hopefully before it is too late.

Neuro E-Consult ®

Your Brain Doctor ®

How is Neuro E-Health® Innovative ?

Neuro E Health is a sustainable , forward-looking solution developed with the perspectives and values of people whose lives are impacted by conditions or diseases that impact the nervous system in mind.

The “E” in Neuro E-Health stands for “Everything”

This is an on-site health plan with digital reach.  It is a patient -focused system where patients with neurological disorders and symptoms get:

- Easy Neurological Health Access (via Tele-health)
- Engagement with expert providers (Patented Patient Care Sessions)
- Navigation and guidance for optimal self-care of neurological health problems.


Why are Neuro E-Health® services valuable?

Medical conditions that impair brain and nerve function are neurological problems.

Neurological Problems cause the world's largest years of healthy life lost due disability and death according to The Global Burden of Disease Study, 2015.

It turns out however that there are not many health care providers who have expertise in how the nervous system works and when it doesn't, As a result, neurological consultants are some of the busiest providers across the medical system.

Health care providers of all kinds routinely request the help and experience of neurologists during the course of their patient's illnesses.  This is because the trained neurology provider has knowledge and tools that are unique.

When neurologists help their colleagues to take care of patients in the hospital or in the clinic, the provider get most of immediate benefit of the knowledge exchange interaction.  The patient who is the subject of the health care encounter, on the other hand, is many time left with question marks about what they should do to avoid neurological health risks and how they can keep their brain and nerves healthy.



Our services are about the patient to understand how and why they impact by brain and nerve condition, so they can then do something about it.


Neurological disease such as stroke and dementia, migraine and multiple sclerosis, back pain and traumatic brain injury along are projected to cost over $600 billion by 2030.

It is patients, caregivers, families and societies who bear the most burden of neurological disorders. Therefore, spreading relevant information among everyday people how about  how to keep safe and curtail disabling nervous system conditions is just as important as the understanding that neurologists have of how best to treat patient and support their physician partners.

The Neuro E-Health ecosystem is a part of the solution to our society's crushing neurological health dilemma because it extends and multiples the benefit of having a neurology expert on the care team directly to the patient, in real-time and on a continuous basis.


The Benefit to Health Care Proivder


Most health care businesses service people with neurological needs.

That's why it's critically important for health care businesses to have viable, cost-effective and efficient strategies to decrease the marginal cost of the patient encounters with the highest cost burden to the system. Neurological patients fit this bill.

Our toolbox helps:

-Hospitals and clinics develop novel, proven, cost-effective service lines
-Rehab services and hospitals collaborate with neurologists, even if when neurologist are not directly accessible in the rehab setting.
-Health systems in general:
-Increase patient satisfaction, retention and health care customer quality of life.
-Streamline care responsibilities for already busy providers who service neurological patients.
-Eliminate duplicative services and unnecessary care processes for neuro patients.
-Decrease resource utilization in the face of fixed and declining availability of neurological experts.
-Decrease risk and increased safety for a very complex health care population.

Who can benefit most from all or a part of the Neuro E-Health® Plan?

Everyone can benefit from the Neuro E-Health ® Plan.

In addition to patients traditionally known as neurological patients, those people that have Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke and dementia, Neuro E-Health also provides customized neuro care solutions for groups who suffer from a large percentage neuro disability and cost despite of their diseases being seen as “other organ” diseases.

These groups include:
- Women in childbearing years
- Veterans
- Athletes
- Type II diabetes patients
- Cancer survivors
- Disabled populations

What Are The Specific Neuro E-Health® Services?


Our Innovative Service Line

- Neuro E-consultation for patients and patient groups
- Neuro E-learning solutions for patient groups and providers
- Neuro E-rehab for patient with disabilities
- Neuro E-health monitoring for patients with on-going neurological health challenges
- Centralized triage for efficient care transitions that are: patient-friendly, efficient, collaborative

For the acute, post-acute and office-based neurological care settings.